ECLC of New Jersey, founded in 1970, has grown from a small, early intervention program started by parents to a comprehensive network of agencies serving more than 600 special-needs children and adults throughout central and northern New Jersey. During the past 40 years, ECLC has created a caring community for our students that does not end at graduation. Our schools are just the beginning of services than span from the first days of Kindergarten through obtaining a job and participating in our adult and alumni programs.


For students ages 5-21, ECLC operates two non-profit, private schools. Our students have a range of severe learning and/or language disabilities, autism spectrum disorder or multiple disabilities. They are referred to ECLC from sending districts in 11 New Jersey counties, representing dozens of communities. Eligibility and placement is determined by the sending district and ECLC Child Study Team.

Located in Chatham and Ho-Ho-Kus, our schools provide an outstanding academic program that is aligned with the New Jersey Department of Education Core Curriculum Content Standards. Students are grouped according to abilities not by their "grade" levels. They may stay in the same class for several years or move, as appropriate. The maximum age range within a classroom is four years, and the student-teacher ratio is maintained at 4:1 with a maximum number of 12 students per class.


To meet the individual needs of students, teachers use a variety of creative and unique multisensory instructional materials and techniques. Students work at their own pace, individually or in small groups. An equal emphasis is placed on enhancing academic skills and developing the social-emotional well being of students. Our team of specialists includes speech, occupational and physical therapists who work in conjunction with our classroom teachers and physical education, art and music teachers to optimize the learning environment.

At the ECLC school in Ho-Ho-Kus, teachers utilize the SCERTS framework in all classes. SCERTS (Social Communication Emotional Regulation and Transactional Support) is a multi-sensory, child-centered and activity based model. The approach is individualized, based on each child's developmental profile. The Ho-Ho-Kus campus was the first school in New Jersey to formally train every staff member and integrate SCERTS into the daily curriculum.

At both campuses, the local community becomes an extension for testing independence and other daily living skills. On a regular basis all ECLC students explore the library, post office, bank, drug store, restaurants and more on field trips.

When it comes to extracurricular activities, our students aren't left watching on the sidelines. They participate on sports teams (both intramural and in competitive school leagues), drama/music clubs, dance, cheerleading, Scouts, student government, school newspaper and yearbook to name a few. Students celebrate the usual school milestones of prom night, field day, talent shows, award assemblies, Thanksgiving feasts and holiday shows!

And ECLC keeps students engaged even on the weekends with the respite (sleepover) program. Activities are planned to practice social skills, teamwork, and the "art" of relaxing and just hanging out. All of these programs are offered with no cost to the district!

In the upper-school classes, students participate in a work-readiness program called SKIL (Seeking Knowledge for Independent Living) in which students at both ECLC campuses learn how to manage mailings, collate newsletters, create custom invitations, T-shirts, mugs and menus, and even run the school lunch program. These projects support outside clients and in-house needs. Once students have mastered the basics, they move out into the community to "sample" jobs, from child care and retail to food service, maintenance and office administrative support.

The goal is to prepare our students for independent living and for the transition from school to work.


Parent Student Handbook 2014–2015 Chatham

Parent Student Handbook 2014–2015 Ho-Ho-Kus


Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Policy

ECLC's Anti-Bullying Coordinator: Steve Barosi,

Anti-Bullying Specialist at HoHoKus: Anita Bluestone,
Ho-Ho-Kus Campus
302 North Franklin Turnpike
Ho-Ho-Kus NJ 07423
(201) 670-7880

Anti-Bullying Specialist at Chatham: Jim Luongo,
Chatham Campus
21 Lum Avenue
Chatham NJ 07928
(973) 635-1700



Through a grant from the Artists in Education Consortium, our Chatham school is  excited to host master print-maker Eileen Foti, who will hand-down the basics of her traditional art to our students.
Read more in the ECLC blog.

ECLC in Ho-Ho-Kus is using a new program called iLearnNEarn that utilized  iPads and a Touch Screen Kiosk to each students with autism spectrum disorders.


horseback riding
Students enjoy therapeutic horseback riding sessions at both campuses.


therapy dog
Both schools have fulltime facility dogs that offer students encouragement, motivation and unconditional love.


Field day at HoHoKus
School includes time for fun and games, including sports teams and an annual Field Day at the Ho-Ho-Kus campus.